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ABS Juice

SystemSystem Administrator Posts: 12
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  • ufodoctor3ufodoctor3 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 39
    AHello Forum
    ABS printing with “slurry”
    Please look at:

    I checked this easy, low cost method for adhesion to a glass printer bed, gluing parts together and filling cracks.

    Very good!

    Thanked by 1Samuel Pinches
  • ufodoctor3ufodoctor3 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 39
    ABS Warp Reduction by added Pull-Down Clamps
    There are already dozens of advices how to reduce ABS warps, here my contribution with experimental data!
    Please look at the pdf attachment
    Best regards

    Thanked by 1Samuel Pinches
    Preventing ABS warping by added clamps.pdf
    ABS Samples.JPG
    4000 x 3000 - 5M
  • ufodoctor3ufodoctor3 🌟 Super Member 🌟 Posts: 39
    Dear Sam
    The warping problem is solved now with pull-down clamps, glued to the bed with ABS Juice.
    Now I construct a perfect “wind shield cover” over the JGaurora 5, tested carefully with an artificial near-by smoke generator.
    You will not never believe how cold air enters by tiny slits through the protective cover to the bed with ABS-samples!
    Kind regards

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