Bought dial gauge but all the mounts are shit, any help?

Wondering if I can stop searching the same shit on thingiverse coming up with no solution. 

I need to be able to mount this dial gauge I bought to the extruder on my A5. Trying to avoid CADing it up myself because frankly I'm sick.

I've found two, the german one, and the one with the little tail flap, both are printed, both printed very well without supports, but didn't work. Even after I messed with each of them until their design is almost %100 different. 

I'm out of options I just want to be able to level using a dial gauge. 

Hopefully the A5 extruder has enough similarities to others that I can use a different file and maybe it will work? Other than that I'm unsure and might end up having to draft up my own. 


  • cs2000cs2000 Posts: 56🌟 Super Member 🌟

    Job done!

    In all seriousness, whats wrong with the online versions and the one you modified? If we know, maybe some kind soul would design one for you :smile:
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