Printer not stopping heating

I posted an issue i was having with my A5 not stopping a print, and now a new issue has arisen. when i went to do a test print with new settings (if you read my last issue, i sliced everything on my Ender 3 settings by mistake) and the printer gave an temp error message. i've encountered this before, and usually turning it off and back on again fixes this. usually just reads the temp incorrectly and gets confused. this time, the printer didn't read the temp properly and still heated up. it shows the extruder being 70c when in reality it's more like 200c. i figured this out when it was heating up and didn't stop. currently, the bed also shows incorrect readings as it shows the bed being 80c and the real temp being 40c. i don't know whats happened. my only guess is i fried the thermistor in something, and i need to replace it. 


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    I would say yes thats your problem, better change it.
  • Laser8302Laser8302 Posts: 151Member, 🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I would try a M502 (load firmware defaults) followed by M500 (Store in EEPROM)
    Maybe something in your ender 3 start script set the thermistors to a wrong value somehow or set an offset of some sort.

    In any case, it's worth a shot before you go replacing things.

    You could also try uploading the community firmware if you haven't already. You'll still need to initialize using M502 and M500.
  • Jacob_VaughanJacob_Vaughan Posts: 12Active Member
    i have uploaded the community firmware. i read your comment after replacing the thermistor and heating element. it still heats up, but still reads the wrong temperature. i will try the loading firmware defualts and storing to EEPROM, but i have a sneaking suspicion that a fried a board. it could be a stepper driver got pushback from the motors. read up that i should upgrade the drivers, which i am currently working on.
  • Jacob_VaughanJacob_Vaughan Posts: 12Active Member
    after connecting to my A5 and using ponterface, the problem is till there. it appears that it's the board. when attempting to heat the extruder up about 1c, the printer won't read the temperature change for awhile. when heating the nozzle up by any increment, ponterface says it is waiting for the proper temperature before the printer stops heating the extruder up.

    this issue did not go away after loading the M502 and saving it using M500. 

    I hope to get this fixed soon and put new stepper drivers on before spending time upgrading the extruder to a direct drive (not gonna ask here, since theres a thread for that already)
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