Printer all of the sudden getting filament all over the place

Hey guys, I know I'm posting a bit but I'm just running into nonsense.. my printer was printing fine and now the filament is just curling and sticking temporarily to the nozzle causing it to pull the filiment into itself and balling up.  I've tried cha ginger the heat, cleaning the nozzle and bed leveling several times. What could be going on?


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    To help filament stick to the bed, there's some tips here. There's not much else I can suggest to avoid filament sticking to the nozzle, but that should not be as important if it is sticking to the bed correctly. Feel free to post as much as you like, but don't forget we have a search feature too :wink:
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  • ApocalypseApocalypse Posts: 28Member
    See I have tried that.. it was sticking before.. I tried releveling, cleaning, hairspray, and all that and it.just wont stick for some reason.. pulling my hair out Haha. Yeah I went through that link before you sent it but I for some reason am having some trouble..
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