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JGAurora Bowden Connector for A5 / A5S / A1 / A3S / A5X

Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,147Administrator
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Thanks for stopping by! I was selling these connectors both on Amazon USA, and on my own online store an experiment. I have since closed that online store as the monthly fees were too high. However, I still have 18 packs of connectors (3 bowden connectors per pack) in stock available for purchase.
SOLD OUT on Amazon

Stock only available in Australia now.

Next best option is from JGAurora directly: https://sampin.ch/bowdenali

If you wish to order a connector, please reply to this post stating you are interested, and I will contact you privately via the email that your forum account is registered to.

Price is $10USD per 3 pack delivered worldwide.
I can post worldwide, from Hong Kong or Australia. You are also welcome to order connectors from my listing on Amazon USA (only 16 packs in stock on Amazon USA). sold out
  • This the "hard to find" bowden connector used on the JGAurora A5, A5X, A5S & A3S.
  • This is a pack of 3 connectors.

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  • LucasS11LucasS11 Posts: 2Member
    Hi Samuel,

    I'm interested on those conectors, could you please contact me?
  • scareystevescareysteve Posts: 2Member
    I’m very interested if there are any left!
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,147Administrator
    Hi @scareysteve - Unfortunately I have sold out of the ones in amazon and hong kong. I only have a very limited number left in Melbourne, Australia.  Please send me your address via message and I will send you a quote. Shipping from melbourne is more expensive.

    Otherwise, I recommend to purchase them from JGAurora: https://sampin.ch/bowdenali

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