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Ok, so I'm new to this 3d printing thing and just wanted to make an observation.   I know stuff like this is probably in post overkill by now but just had to share.  
So I decided to print the gazillionth benchy that's ever been printed to see where I needed to make adjustments in my slicer.  Well, couple things.  First, I know the filament runout sensor and subsequent resume printing works as you can clearly see on the left, i ran out of blue. So, job completed, all is well.  (Clearly have some adjustments to make).  Second is a testament to filament quality and hot end temps.  I had a bag with several colors of cheap PLA I picked up locally for nothing.  I've been using 210° on the extruder temp for the other PLA I have and it's been working fine.  So I set my gcode for the benchy at 210° and sent it off.  Well, as you can see on the right, benchy didn't make it. So, I went back and set my gcode temp to 230° and voila, benchy got a two tone.
So, this leads me to the point I wanted to make.  For all you newbs like me and all of us that really want to learn...listen to the experts.   I've seen the same questions posted over and over again about print speed, nozzle temps and filament quality and the answer is almost always the same...change the nozzle temp...change the print speed...or get some quality filament.   These guys know what they're talking about.  They run these forums and wikis on their own time.  They have spent countless hours learning themselves and do their best to pass that knowledge on to us and I, for one, could not be more appreciative that they give us their time.  Take time to read through the forums and wikis and I would be willing to bet that 90% of our questions have already been answered.  That way, guys like Samuel (I know there's others) can better spend their time on things that will help us even more (like firmware development).  Oh, and please don't forget to thank them. They do what they do for the benefit of all.
Thanks guys...

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