I think my A5S extruder is clogged

Hi all!
I am brand new to 3D Printing, and I just recieved my new JGAURORA A5S!  I followed the official Jgaurora a5s setup video on youtube, and began the test print that was included on the SD card (the cube with a hollow tube on top).  I am using the included spool of yellow PLA filament.  

The print began and went smoothly till the 5% mark when filament stopped coming out of the nozzle.  The printer kept moving like it was still printing but no filament was coming out, I could still see the nozzle temperature was hovering at 230 deg. C. I remember when I pulled out the included filament spool, there were a few pieces of tape that I struggled to get off, resulting in me bending the end of the filament line slightly (several bends down to about 6").  I realize now I probably should have cut that bit off before I fed it in, on top of the fact that there was still residue from the strong tape left on that 6" portion.  Im wondering how I should fix this problem?  I saw a post below saying I can press a button on the extruder (is that the part on the back up top where I feed the filament into?) after its been heated to 230 and just force feed a bit out till it continues going.. Is that what I should do?  

Here is a picture of what happened with the print.  In the image the printer is still working as if it is printing, just no filament is coming out.  You can see the part that did work adhered to the bed.  Any help is appreciated!


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    Welcome @dashton654 ; - I would suggest to heat the nozzle up, press/hold the (very stiff!) filament clutch release button on the extruder, and pull it all out again, to cut off the troublesome area. Yes, the extruder is where the filament drive motor is. The hot end is where the nozzle is.
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