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Layer Shift (SOLVED)

mgrabowmgrabow Posts: 25Member
So my new A5S with the latest firmware shifts every so often om the Y axis.   I am printing a large print with tall walls and it has shifter forthe and back a few times in about 24 hours.   Most of what i see online tells of age and maintenance issues.  
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  • mgrabowmgrabow Posts: 25Member
  • aestremsaestrems Posts: 30Member
    Are you using the official firmware or the community firmware? 
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  • TemTem Posts: 7Member
    Hi, have the same issue with my last print, using the latest official firmware, any thought?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,060Administrator
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    @Tem - welcome to the forum. Which axis are you suffering shifts? From past experience, layer shifting on these printers (A5S/A1) is commonly due to poor quality bearings. But if you can provide more details (type of shift, severity, frequency) it might give more clues. You can replace the bearings with a higher quality set like these:
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  • aestremsaestrems Posts: 30Member
    Ok, you should told us if the layer shift is happening in all the axis. On the picture looks like the shift is happening on the Y axis so maybe the belt has not enough tension
  • mgrabowmgrabow Posts: 25Member
    sorry for slow reply.   bad week at work...  yes I am using their latest firmware.  it is only the one axis.  Th Y axis I believe (the bed).  The printer is new and has only made a few prints.   it does it randomly and only seems to shift 1 line and it shifts in both direction.  so in that picture you can see it shifted back, forward then back again all in about 4 inches
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,060Administrator
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    Have a look at my video here showing bad bearings on my A5S (jump to 12 mins, 30 seconds). Please check your bearings and see if yours are similarly bad. If you need replacements, see my post above for high quality replacements.

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  • mgrabowmgrabow Posts: 25Member
    It was wobble in the hot end.  noticed filament leaking all around the heat block.  I adjusted the heat block one complete revolution so that the nozzle was tight against the heat break tube.  and there is  no more wobble leaking and no more shift.  So I guess this is something new A5S owners should check right out of the box.
  • keithirmakeithirma Posts: 2Member
    I was having problems with Z axis shifting on the print after an hour of printing on my brand new A5S.  I thought it was the bearings also, as the printer was so damn noisy.  So as I was replacing all of the bearings, I found that the Z belt was missing one inch of teeth near the back stepper motor. Replaced the belt also, no more shifting.
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