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JGCreat settings for Magic?

dburumdburum Posts: 6Member
I just purchased a "Magic," and installed JGCreat on my Windows 10 computer (version 2.5.0).  For some reason, the Magic does not appear in the list of printers that can be installed.  I don't mind installing it as a "custom" printer, but I have no idea what the settings would be.  Can anyone offer a solution, or some info?


  • dburumdburum Posts: 6Member
    Here is the menu that I get - as you can see, "Magic" is not on the list!
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,157Administrator
    Welcome @dburum
    JGCreat is a bit outdated and disappointingly JGAurora have not updated it! I recommend to download the latest version of Cura, which is what JGCreat is ripped from. I've added a basic profile for the JGMaker to Cura.

    Note: there is a bug in Cura 4.1, you must set the Z max speed to some value, (suggest 400) otherwise the print will pause intermittently.

  • dburumdburum Posts: 6Member
    I wrote to JGAurora support, and they sent me the answer.  The latest version of JGCreat does include the Magic printer settings (JGcreat 2.5.0_20190611).  Strange that it does not ship with the product!  Warning: The first installation menu is in Chinese, but the rest of the menus, and the actual program, are in English.  You can get it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g8F-ps7_MGurOnFrNTGOmWUeZhKwXsTD/view.  To switch from an older version, they told me that you have to "clean" the previous settings.  They sent me a batch file for that purpose that contained two lines:

    rd /q /s test %HOMEPATH%\APPDATA\Local\cura
    rd /q /s test %HOMEPATH%\APPDATA\Roaming\cura

    i did run the batch file, but I have no idea if it was needed or not.   
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