printer unloading filament mid print

Hi all! I'm having a few issues with my new JGAUORA A5S, midprint the printer will begin unloading/retracting a lot of the filament. The extruder stops moving when this happens and usually warps a part of my print. I've tried formatting the SD card before each print but this doesn't seem to work. I'm using the community firmware because my print bed is uneven so I need to use mesh bed leveling. Has anyone else experienced this with the community firmware? 


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    Thanks for helping to test the community firmware out. Sorry to hear you're having issues.

    - Does this happen at the same location in the print each time?
    - Does it happen on all prints?
    - Does this problem happen when printing via USB cable from pronterface/printrun?
    - Have you added shielding to the SD card cable on your A5S?
    - What version of the community firmware does your machine say when it starts up?
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