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So this happened

Well, tried to print these clips several times and got a hot mess about 75% of print.  Had to clean off the hot end, start over... blah, blah.  I had tried it with supports because it had s small overhang on top.  So, all I changed was the support setting (turned it off) and now I have a permanent part template basically engraved in my bed...ugh.  


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,060Administrator
    :disappointed: You may want to check your nozzle too... that ceramic coating is very abrasive, and likely has sanded the nozzle tip, changing the orifice size... :grimace:
  • rhythmdaverhythmdave Posts: 9Member
    Found the prob...
    If you reference the bed with the X axis rods in the first pic you can see the left side is slightly lower than the right.  My Z axis motors weren't in sync for some reason (???...been working fine)  you can better see it in the level where I checked the printer base against the carriage.  After replacing the nozzle  I was able to level the carriage with the base by hand turning the Z axis motor on the low side then leveling the's printing now...🙂 
    Just wish the bed wasn't damaged.  Ordered some adhesion sheets, hoping I can get a new glass from JGAURORA...
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