Wiki is wrong - do not get the glass bed for this printer

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The glass bed for the ender 3 is too thick, you will not be able to use it with this printer. Someone might want to update the wiki...


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    Thanks for the heads up - you can't raise your z endstop?
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    Oh, and welcome @Termina !
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    @Samuel Pinches yes you can. You'd just reduce your z axis build height by the height of the new plate. Worth it in my opinion.
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    @Termina - hope that helps! I put glass on mine and after I adjusted the z endstop it fits great. Just had to hold it on to heater plate using masking tape.
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    My bad, wasn't aware you could adjust that.

    Is that something you'd adjust in Cura, or somewhere in the printer settings?
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    It’s actually the physical switch on the printer that is used when you home it. It’s near the z axis motor. You can unscrew it from the aluminium frame and then move it up very slightly to compensate for the thicker bed plate.
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    I want to be able to switch back and forth easily between the thinner plastic plate that came with the Magic and the thicker glass plate that I purchased.  So I printed the attached clip (.1 mm print resolution).  It clips onto the flange of the Z-axis motor bracket that contacts the Z-axis stop switch, so that the base of the clip activates the switch, rather than the metal flange.  The thickness of the base of the clip raises the zero-height of the nozzle by just the right amount.  Seems to work great (although I just did it today, so I have not printed anything yet using the glass plate).  If I want to go back to the plastic plate, I can just slid the clip off.  Also, to hold the glass plate to the bed, I just use one size larger clips - readily available from Staples and similar places.  
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