Repairing my Mom's Last Christmas Gift Help?

Hello Everyone,

I have just joined this community in order to try and repair a Christmas Gift my mom gave me before she passed away of cancer. Right now, I am stuck at this Firmware booting blockade. It finishes the download and freezes here. I have tried 3 SD cards including the factory one. The original screen's SD port got damaged a while back from my idiocy. I have used the factory firmware for the A5 as I am more than Ok with it in my A5S. It appears to be an older model with how the screen is, and currently I have both ports with their respective cables plugged in.

Can someone help me? This printer has never shown up properly on any Computer so from SD card printing is all I have had the capacity or knowledge to use. I really don't want my mom's final parting gift to me to be broken and just be stuck here.



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    That is a really lovely gift to have received from your mum - I'm truly so sorry for your loss.

    There are a few things I would recommend.

    Firstly, I would suggest to buy some aluminium shielding tape, and to shield the wires going between the motherboard and the LCD. You should also put a small length of shielding tape on a very specific region of the LCD too. You can add clear packing tape layers on top to prevent any accidental short circuiting.

    Please watch my video below:

    Next, please try to format the SD cards at FAT32. I recommend formatting them in a digital camera or similar rather than in a computer, if you can. Make sure the card is 32GB or less, with no other files on it. See how you go flashing then. Try flashing the official factory firmware too, and see if that works. If not, try flashing the custom firmware and see if that is any different.

    If you're still having problems flashing, then the next thing I would suggest ordering is a ST-link USB adapter - they are like 3 on ebay. Let me know when it arrives and I'll help you flash that way, then hopefully the SD card flashing will start to work again.

    I can probably help you connect the printer to the computer via usb cable over teamviewer, once you have a firmware of some kind properly loaded.
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