Damage to black coating on build plate.

hi everyone 
I just recently got my jgaurora a5 printer and I have had the exact problem where part of the black coating of the build plate has come away when removing an abs print. 
The damage is about the size of a small coin
Does any one have any suggestions on how to repair it?
I have purchased a build surface from amazon but I would like to maybe fill the damage in with something if possible. 
I have emailed jgaurora but I am waiting to see what their response is.
Thanks for your help everyone.


  • RobertRobert Posts: 33🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I damaged my in the first hour trying to removing an ABS print, I end up replace the whole thing.  Amazon in the U.S. carry the replacement hotbed with glass for $55, the nice thing about the replacement is the glass isn't glue to the hot bed, so I switched to a regular borosilicate glass instead of using the diamond glass.  Now I don't have to worry about ever damage the coating ever again.

    There is no way to patch the hole no matter the size, I got that from JGAurora tech support, replacement is the only way to go. 
    Set your first layer height to no more then 250 for ABS if you continue using the diamond glass,  borosilicate glass you can set it as high as 500 without any issue, I had my at 500. 

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