Installed slim nema stepper, no good

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Today I tried to install this, instead of the default stepper

The pinion rotates when pushing the in/out feeding buttons from the touchscreen, but when inserted the filament, it cannot feed it to the nozzle.

Bt, due I wasn't able to use the original brass gear from the bigger nema (the grain screw didn't wanted to stick out), I had to use a gear like this

Perhaps it is this the cause of the issue, or the power of the engine is too scarce?

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    I've just installed the very same stepper motor with my Zesty Nimble Remote Direct Extruder and it works fine there. The motor is recommended for that product for its fast acceleration capabilities, that comes at the cost of lower torque. The fast acceleration is required because of the high gear ratio of 1:30. That ratio is also the reason why torque is not that important when driving that extruder.
    From the picture of the gear I take it you mount the gear directly to the motor axis without any gearbox in between? Then the motor's torque will most probably not be enough, you need to aim for a stronger motor. May I ask why you wish to replace the original stepper in the first place?
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    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Well, yes, I'm working with the original motor now, and it obviously works fine. Anyway, it is obviously bulky, weighty and too deep in z dimension, so it may struck upon the upper beam of the printer when reached! This is another reason for these guys of JG should think to better envision their projects before to build anything! Let stand what they answered to me saying that "the printed is engineered and there's no need to modify it"! Oh, chinese "engineers"!
    Anyway, if using zesty (which looks a neat idea, albeit I was unable so far to find any fully operative/techinical video of it), I guess that there shouldn't be any problems in putting again the motors back elsewhere, e.g upon the beams, making 'em work like in a false bowden system... Any progresses there? E.g., some ways for double nozzle?
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