Bed Shifting

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I´m rebuilding my A5 from scratch. It will have more driving range on X axis, so I can bring the bed underneath the IR Sensor even if it is 20 mm away from the nozzle.

Does anyone have some experiences how to tell marlin to do the testing in a wider range than the printing area is?


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    I think you'd have to declare you bed size bigger in both your slicer and in your firmware. Just remember to keep your models away from the edge when slicing.
    You'll also have to change your x/y homing positions to match the bigger bed size.
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    Yea, that´s what I was thinking about - but there should be a more elegant way. Just to define printing and probing range independently. Unfortunatelly you probing range needs to be smaller than printing range, negative offset isn´t accepted here:

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