best encloser I can think of for JGAURORA A5 that uses the printer frame to hold it :)

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before this i was printing abs all the time with no problem at all using my old fashion way LoooooooooL  

with some easy to use technology . light from the hole in top left and web cam to call skype any time and see the printing process.
so i decide to upgrade my encloser so working time.

i made this by taking the right length and cut the Acrylic and glow them together and made some 3d part to hold them in place .
here are some pictures . and i would like to know your Opinion about it.
print this to hold the front box and fix it to the frame with screws and nuts

tow for both sides

after glowing the Acrylic i make tow hole in the top for securing the box and easy to use (install and remove the box by hands only just left it up and go)
after i made the door in front i notice its weak from the lower (below the door) 
so i made tow part to Strengthen it in the corners 

as you can see it seals the gaps between the frame and box

you dont need to go all the way down because i need a cold air for my mean board and stepper drivers TMC2130 and power supply

i prints this small sticks to insert it on top of acrylic to secure the box  

i still need to close all the holes in the sides with tapes 

i find the door hinges in thingiverse and its works for me

the other side will need some modification because i need to move the filament holder and extruder motor a few milemeters to the left.
will post hear when done.
pls feel free to let me know what you think and any Suggestion.
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    The better solution as I did is to get the encloser to stay on its own feets and only lie on the frame. If you fix it on the frame it will increase vibrations and effect the print quality.
    Also close the enclose on the down side. Without it the hot air will go up and away and get more cold air from down. So its getting very windy, like on a fireplace.
    Thats my A5 for you to see what i mean:

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    can post more pics from all sides
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