Problems after change stepper drivers

Hello, I have changed the stepper drivers to LV8725. I also have changed the part cooling fan and all igus. 
After i have changed this the prints are terrible. I have no idea what is the problem. The Extruder is calibrated. I hope somebody can help me. The picture with the ready printed part was printed before I have changed the stepper drivers and the part cooling fan.


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    I think I have found it.
    i am an idiot!
    the Stepps are wrong.
    now the Stepps in marlin are 640/640/3200/790
    i think the z Stepps are wrong.
    it might be 
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    So LV8729? Did you set your jumpers for 1/128 steps? And then original steps per mm are 80 with microsteps set at 1/16. So yes you are correct, 640 for X and Y. 6400 for Z is also correct, unless you changed out you lead screws.
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  • ttdriver87ttdriver87 Posts: 6Member
    A nother problem now. The z axis move slowly and with breaks. I have changed the Vref from 0.75v to 0.9v but nothing changes.
    Can somebody help?

  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,588Administrator
    Typically this behaviour is seen if
    • There is not enough power going to the motors --> increase the stepper driver current
    • The stepper drivers are overheating --> decrease the stepper driver current, or add cooling for the stepper drivers
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