Extruder temperature sensor

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What kind of sensor is this? I broke mine getting the heatbreak out. If it's a thermocouple I can probably fix it pretty easy otherwise I'm going to have to order something.



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    It's a thermistor, sigh. Anyone know the spec? It's two weeks shipping from banggood.

    Appears to be b2-100-3950-1. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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  • Richy_TRichy_T Posts: 117🌟 Super Member 🌟
    Just to throw in if anyone is in a similar situation, there are 100k thermistors available on Amazon that can ship quickly. I was unable to unsolder the thermistor, I guess they are welded or something but they soldered to the JGaurora wire no problem.
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    I broke mine and replaced with one that I bought in the 3d shop I have next to my house. Now I get a 352 degrees reading with no warming at all. Dont know if there is something I can modify in the firmware. 

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