my thermister is reading -15 at room temperature.
I installed a new mother board and a new heater element and thermister the heater has no voltage when selecting heat nozzle.
I soldered the thermister wires together as the plugs were different. Perhaps the wires need to be in the correct order?
thanks for any help here


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    Welcomen @les88ken ,

    The heater , and thermistor, wires are not polarity sensitive.

    Fix the thermistor reading first, then troubleshoot heating. Heating will not work if the temp reading is not working.

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    FWIW, the thermistor is on a connector so it can be disconnected and the resistance checked with a multimeter. It should be around 100kΩ. You can buy the thermistors from banggood with the connector or for cheaper, you can buy a pack of five from Amazon if you don't mind doing some soldering. If you don't mind waiting longer, you can get even more from ebay for next to nothing.

    Did you make sure to insulate everything correctly? A short would cause problems.
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