Please Diagnose my issue

Hi all,

my Aurora A5 printer freezed mid-print because the temperature of the heating bed dropped below the set temperature. After this, I rebooted the printer and resumed the print. I believe the printer head location was not where the printer believed it to be, so when resuming the print, it pushed the printer head forcefully into the bed, which caused the Z axis to be tilted.

Now I am not able to level the bed anymore, because the printer head is considerably lower on the left side, and the levelling screws can not accomodate for this.

How could I be fixing this? Your help in this is much appreciated!

left side of the printer, Z axis part seems to be damaged?

right side of the printer, seems to be fine


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,588Administrator
    Welcome @Marian Würker  ,

    Thanks for posting such clear photos. The left motor coupler is stretched. They are common 5mm to 8mm motor couplers, and replacements are inexpensive and readily available on ebay, aliexpress, gearbest or banggood etc

    You may have to manually turn the left lead screw (the spiral metal rod) while holding the right lead screw. This will allow you to make sure the X-gantry is level. But of course, you should replace the stretched coupler.

    I also recommend replacing the factor blue grease, with a higher quality alternative. The blue grease tends to dry out over time. Please see

    I hope that helps a little, best of luck with the repair.

  • Hi @Samuel Pinches ,

    thanks for your quick help! Much appreciated!
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