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Hi all,

Tried putting the firmware from JG's website on the root of the sd card but that did not cause anything to happen. How do I perform an update? I see some community firmware exists for other jg printers. Is that an option for the magic, and if so what advantages are there?   Thanks in advance. 


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    Welcome @ryoko ,
    The JGMaker magic is similar to the A5 in the method you need to follow to update the firmware. However, there is no need to unplug the LCD like the A5, you can just leave it connected without any concerns.

    @DaHai has kindly prepared a custom marlin firmware for the JGMaker Magic, which you can download here. The instructions for flashing the A5 firmware are here.

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    Thank you, worked perfectly
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    I changed In the Configuration.h File The Line 367 -  #define BANG_MAX 100     // Limits current to nozzle while in bang-bang mode; 100=full current

    To try and get My PID tuning to work.  I fail with temp to high each time. It still is failing though. 
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