A5S Belt Snap

Hello, I'm quite new to the forums and to 3D printing generally but I picked up an A5S some weeks ago. Prints are decent - I'm getting issues with prints coming unstuck, stringing and very rough bottom layers. This was not too much of an issue, but last week I managed to snap my Y belt, awful picture attached.

I've been in touch with the JGAurora support email and their Aliexpress store, but I've been waiting for a week now to hear from where should I get a replacement belt or if they can send me one under warranty. My bets are on that this doesn't come under warranty but I'm hopeful. I think the belt snapped when I was trying to remove some residue while the bed was moving.

Either way, I really want to get it back up and running. I got a Nozzle X from E3D Online, who I met at the TCT show and installed it on my A5S only for it to be put down almost straight away. Does anyone have any advice on getting the belt swapped, like where to buy? Also, any advice on the print issues? I print at 60mm/s with a 200C nozzle and usually a 40C bed, using GEEETECH's PLA. Thanks in advance!


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    Bed temp, try 60 to 65ºC. Lower your initial layer height to 0.15 or so. I usually print PLA around 210 to 215ºC, PLA can be printed successfully in a pretty wide range. Also make sure your rertractions are around 6-8mm for the bowden setup.
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    Welcome @Crdguy
    The belt can be bought from Ebay or Amazon, they are very common. Just search "3D Printer belt" or "GT2 belt 6mm" and you should find lots of options.

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    Hello again,

    First of all, thank you @Laser8302 for the recommendations for the print settings! I am trying them right now, as I have finally fixed the printer as of yesterday.

    Also thanks @Samuel Pinches for the recommendation, JGAurora did reply to me and sent me an Aliexpress link that said "2 belts" for £9.50 - I took the safe option and bought it. It was one long belt I had to cut, but it works.

    After I replaced the belt it made an awful grinding noise when I homed the Y axis, so I let it collect dust a bit more. Yesterday I disassembled it, couldn't figure out why it was broke so I reassembled it and it worked.

    Thanks again for the advice. My printer does still have a slight issue though, on my last print (same settings as I listed) I got awful stringing going on. I also have some difficulty in removing prints, and when I tried to remove this print the top of it broke off (I was printing a remote holder). Does anyone have any advice on fixing these two issues? Again, I am trying the settings suggested by Laser8302 for my next print so hopefully that comes out okay.
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    The linear bearings on the X and Y axis are pretty awful. Even the cheap ones on ebay or Amazon are better. Since it was the Y belt that snapped on your machine, check to see if the bed makes contact with the screw heads that stick up at the rear of the base. My Z limit was too low so the first time I leveled the bed, it was hitting those screw heads.

    To reduce stringing, try dropping head temperature in 5C increments and/or increase retraction.

    If print is stuck too well on bed, what filament material are you using and are you putting anything on the bed to promote adhesion?  If filament is PLA and bed is clean, parts should release easily when bed has cooled.
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