Custom Firmware Upgrade

Uploaded the firmware as per instructions and Updated LCD also.
I tried to print a  cube in PetG at 250deg and kept getting Max Temp exceeded. Even changed Firmware Max temp to 275 but still got Max Temp alert. Managed to print it by setting Temp to 245.
Is there a Max temp set in LCD I am new to this type of Display with its own board.
Can I upload Firmware changes to PIDS etc without changing anything with LCD mainboard?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,392Administrator
    Hi John, the limits on temperature are there for safety reasons, and they are enforced by the main motherboard, not the LCD. There is PTFE tubing in the printer print head heat-break / throat, and PTFE out-gasses toxic fumes as it is heated above 250C. The higher you go, the faster it breaks down.

    Yes, you can change the max temp print settings in configuration.h and the thermal runaway settings in configuration_adv.h, and re-flash the main firmware, but I strongly advise not to run above 255+C unless you have active air extraction in your printer location. Again, the higher you go, the faster it breaks down.

    You do not need to change anything on the LCD. But you do need to unplug the LCD when flashing the main motherboard.

    Happy printing, and stay safe.

    P.S. Please do not be deceived by manufacturers of PTFE tubing who claim higher temperature resistance of their brand.
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