Please help!!! After each print goes to corner and extrude

I cant print two times in a row. After a successful print and starting a new print, the nozzle just goes to the right back corner and starts extruding until I shut it down.
I need to power off the printer and start it again after each print.

I really dont know what the problem is. Im using Cura as slicer.
Same problem using Usb stick or via OctoPrint.

If I shutdown the printer and start it again after each print, it works perfect. But thats kind of annoying to do all the time.

Help is needed :)!!! Thanks for the great work with the community!


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,695Administrator
    Hi @Asif - welcome to the forum :smile: 

    That's a strange problem. Maybe this is an issue with the start or end Gcode. Could you please provide some more details:

    - which firmware are you using?
    - are you using the A5S profile that is included with Cura?
    - could you please upload a sample gcode file?


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