Z Axis moving with resistance

Hello. New to forum. Thx in advance. My printer is having trouble going up (Z axis). It goes but with resistance and the whole thing vibrates. It also is not smooth going down either but that goes better. I have not tried printing with this condition yet. When i help it up with some hand push it goes fine but it has problems going on its own. What trouble shooting do u guys recommend ? Is it lubrication maybe? Here is the video of the situation. Video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hgaf3dXyKgQnS6ovxIIoraQHMnCtfF0Y/view?usp=sharing


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    Welcome @Tomassus78 ; - it is very likely to be problems with the grease. This happened to me and to other people.

    The grease JGAurora use is terrible, and it dries up and becomes gummy over time. I recommend to remove it all, and relubricate your printer with high quality grease - please see https://jgaurorawiki.com/lubrication 

    See if that fixes things.

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    P.S. for vibration, check that the z-axis motor couplers are vertical and not wonky, bent, or kinked.
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