bad z-axis stepper motor

One of my z-axis stepper motors is failing. When trying to move the z-axis it will always become unlevel with the left side lagging and making grinding noises. I tried to email the folks at and they haven't answered, it's been two weeks. Does anyone have a guide for replacing these stepper motors? What do I replace them with? 

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  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,596Administrator

    Most likely this is not a fault with the stepper motor. They are very very reliable units. The problem is likely to be friction elsewhere in the system. The grease JGAurora use is terrible, and it dries up and becomes gummy over time. I recommend to remove it all, and relubricate your printer with high quality grease (see ) - try that first, before replacing components.

    You can buy replacement online, from many locations. However because there are two motors running in parallel on the Z axis it is best if they are identical.

    If you do need parts, please email JGAurora again, they should not be excused because they did not replace. If you do not get a reply next time, tell me and I will find out what is going on.

    To replace the stepper motor, you need to undo at least one of the black screws on the Z-coupler, and then loosen the 4 screws that go into the stepper motor housing. Easiest to do with the z raised up.

    Credit to the amazing DaHai for a tutorial video:


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