A3S (version 1), prints sticking to bed.

Hi. I got a A3S printer just a few days ago and I'm having a rather serious problem. My prints stick to the bed. Like REALLY stick to the bed. To the point they break in other spots when I try to remove them. The first print ever I did removed okay, I guess. Still rather well stuck to it, but after a bit of wiggling it got loose. Every print after that has gotten stuck so bad I actually needed knives and hammers to pry them off.

I've cleaned the bed between prints with alcohol, but it doesn't remove all the traces of the previous print. 

I haven't scraped of scrubbed the bed with anything too hard, since I'm afraid I'll scratch it and it becomes worse. What can I scrub it with? The way the prints stick to it though, I'm guessing nothing short of an axe will be enough. 

If all else fails, can I use a heat gun and "burn" the pla off the bed?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,296Administrator
    Welcome @AnnaV ,
    I'm sorry for the slow reply, I did not see this comment.

    I would suggest perhaps reduce the first layer temperature or increase the first layer height (i.e. level the bed with something fractionally thicker). Make sure you are letting the bed cool down fully before removing the prints.

    There is no way to remove all traces from previous prints, especially if it is the nozzle that has scratched into the bed.

    Don't fret too much over it. Bed is a consumable, and once you are no longer happy with it there are a range of replacement options.

    I hope this helps.
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