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A3S (version 1), prints sticking to bed.

Hi. I got a A3S printer just a few days ago and I'm having a rather serious problem. My prints stick to the bed. Like REALLY stick to the bed. To the point they break in other spots when I try to remove them. The first print ever I did removed okay, I guess. Still rather well stuck to it, but after a bit of wiggling it got loose. Every print after that has gotten stuck so bad I actually needed knives and hammers to pry them off.

I've cleaned the bed between prints with alcohol, but it doesn't remove all the traces of the previous print. 

I haven't scraped of scrubbed the bed with anything too hard, since I'm afraid I'll scratch it and it becomes worse. What can I scrub it with? The way the prints stick to it though, I'm guessing nothing short of an axe will be enough. 

If all else fails, can I use a heat gun and "burn" the pla off the bed?

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