LCD/Z-axis problems

this problem is also posted on the facebook page but I hope that someone here might be quicker in a sollution. While using the LCD to move the Z-axis up it makes a noise and moves with shocks. When I click the down button on the LCD there is no noise and no shocks. On the other hand when i use pronterface to connect and move the z-axis there is no shocking motions and no strange sounds moving the axis up or down.
I'm running the mksgenL v2.0 board with tmc2208 in uart on all drivers. I'm on marlin 1.1.9 and the custom LCD 3.0.3 firmware. 

I have already reflashed the lcd firmware and reset the marlin firmware but that changes nothing with regards to the noise. 

I hope you have some ideas on how to fix this and thanks for the help in advance. If you need more info please dont hesitate to ask.


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