Falshing firmware via st-link


i have a little problem with my A5S, if i switch the printer on i only get a white screen, so i read in forum that this is a firmware issue, packed frimware on sd pluged in printer and switched on waited 30 second and switched of, the without sd card on again and, still white.

so i opend the device, and connected the st-link , if i start stm32 and press connect the device is not found. the 2 green led on mainboard are on. 

are there any settings to adjust in the stm32 software??

and for what are the 2 micro buttons on the board??

thank you


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,392Administrator

    The pinout on the ST-link port is non-standard. Please see the wiki for pinout, I'm pretty sure it is correct. I recommend supply power from USB port, and then only use ground and signal pins on ST-link.

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    One button is reset, the other one I have not used, but it is probably a boot0 pin or similar. Not required for ST-link.

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  • taxidudetaxidude Posts: 3Member
    yes,i did that.

    i connected swdio and swclk and ground on the board connector with the corrospondig pins on the st-link, but no connection.

    are there any settings to be made in the st-link programm under target.?
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,392Administrator
    Unplug all cables from st link. Plug ST LINK into pc. Check it is detected in device manager. Plug in cables. Check that it doesn’t disconnect. If all good maybe we can do some checks over teamviewer. But there is nothing else special to do.
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    boardis defekt,the new one war recognized imidateliy.
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