Reversing y-axis motor?

I was having some difficulties balancing my bed and concluded that I needed a new one due to warping. I replaced the same with a JGAurora unit. While the bed was off, I went ahead and replaced the y-axis belt again as it was starting to wear. Strangely, after installing the new bed and belt, the y-axis motor now operates in reverse. As such, I can't home properly and I'm sure it won't print correctly. I tried switching the motor to a spare I had on hand, but same result. This is so bizarre that changing the bed and belt would cause such an issue. Is there any way to manually reverse the motor so that it functions correctly again?


  • MikeG183MikeG183 Posts: 9Member
    Fixed. Flipped the two right side motor connector pins around. Still not sure how that would have reversed. 
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