TPU prints falling apart :(

Just got an A5s. Tried recommended settings and I can get the layers to fully stick to each other. It looks good from the eye and very flimsy and layers just pull away. My temp is at 225 and bed is at 70


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    Try hotter? You can go up to 247C safely on the A5. I think 235 is recommended for TPU. Just keep trying hotter till you get good inter-layer bonding!
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    Don't forget to set your print speeds to ~20-25mm/s MAX. ALL of them. Infill, perimeters, supports etc. Set them all the SAME. IE if you set perimeters to 20, set infill to 20, support = 20 etc. And go ahead and turn off retractions. The ultimaker 3 I use at work does TPU at 225, I would recommend a bit hotter to make sure flow is good. Also increase your extrusion multiplier. I bet you are under-extruding because the filament squishes and is not flowing at the speed the slicer expected. I think it's called FLOW in CURA. I would try 112% or so.
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    Appreciate you guys Imput. Took all the advice and was able to get it going. Thanks guys ! 
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    Awesome - also, a belated welcome too @KingMidas_FPV :wink:
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