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hi!    i was reading -5 on hotend .. faulty thermistor. i changed it ..work fine for a print then for the next this happen..after couple of  min  i reallise i had not tighten enough the heat block so i got some leakage and fume where comming up from the heat cartridge so i cut the power since i was baysitting it  i  dissasembly everything  clean it and reassemble now  i got an MIN/TEMP ERROR  hotend readin 0 degrees i changed the thermistor again to be sure .. i check the board by unpluging the thermistor fully it read -15 pluged back read 0 .. so now im looking for advice on where to look and/or how to change the heatcartridge since it seem to be faulty
thanks for your help!!!!


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    Amazon is an easy source for replacements, depending on where you are located.

    Search for "24v 40W heater cartridge" and you should find many options. These are small cylinders with high temperature leads. Typically sold in a package of 3 to 5 pieces for around $10 per package.

    Replacement should be pretty simple if you have already done a thermistor swap previously. Loosen the clamp bolt. Slide the cartridge out. Pull the leads out of the umbilical until you reach the point where the high temp leads are spliced to conventional wire. Cut old leads. Fit new heater cartridge. Cut leads and splice to wires in umbilical. Tuck leads into the umbilical sleeve and replace any tie-wraps you cut to gain access. Tighten the clamp bolt.

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    If the readings are faulty, then typically the motherboard temp port is damaged.
    Please see these pages:
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    Your heat cartridge may or may not need replacing - but that has zero effect on the temperature readings you are getting - the cartridge is not monitored at all - it is simply wired between a power controller MOSFET and ground - MOSFET gets a "turn on" signal from the controller board, MOSFET supplies the heater cartridge with power

    Your temperature readings at power-on should be your room temperature, not 0c or below

    As Simon has pointed out, try the second port which is unused - or more simply, just buy a new controller board, which is what I did when my A3s started reporting incorrect temperatures

    I bought mine from official MKS store on aliexpress really cheaply a couple of years ago, but they are also really cheap from Amazon now
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