New Z-6035 won't Autohome

I've have a Z-6035 for years and it has printed with no issues.  I recently purchased a second, and the box that it came in was very badly damaged.  I'm not sure if the printer is damaged or having an issue that can be easily fixed.

Whey I autohome, the Z axis moves down 3-4 mm.  The extruder moves to the proper position, but the z axis continues to lower.  Any suggestions?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,688Administrator
    Welcome @Morgan Smith

    For this one we need to check the endstop status.

    Connect the printer to a computer, and download pronterface. Then connect to the printer (choose the correct com port, and speed 250000) and then in the bottom right corner send command M119. That will check the endstop status. When you send it, what do you see printed out?

    Next, find a piece of paper and put it between the two arms on the z endstop. Does the Z-endstop light turn on?

    The endstops look like this:

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