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I have a new A5S which I'm driving with Simplify3D. All working well but I'm a little surprised that there doesn't seem to be a progress screen on the A5S.

With other 3D printers there is usually a print feedback display showing job name, status messages, current temperatures and percent complete. But unless I've missed something there doesn't seem to be such feedback - you just throw the print job at the printer and see it in motion.

I currently have an issue driving via the SD card which I am looking into, so perhaps that's where feedback is offered. But driving via USB doesn't provide such info.

Or have I missed something?


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,688Administrator
    Hi @KmxSoft - which firmware are you using on your printer? You may like to try the custom firmware if you have not already.
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  • KmxSoftKmxSoft Posts: 4Member
    I have been trying to upgrade the firmware on my A5S. Sadly Arduino fails on upload. Tried following instructions on this wiki but they seem to relate to an older version of the A5S - I have no 8 wire connector so can't disconnect the touchscreen. I have a 10 wire and a 40 wire ribbon cable. Removing the 10 wire doesn't blank the touchscreen, the only way to kill the touchscreen is to remove both ribbon cables, but the upload still fails.

    My sd card doesn't work so I can't force an upgrade on reboot. 

    So I've got an unmodifiable A5S. 

  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,688Administrator
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    Hi @KmxSoft - ahhhhhh, I think there may be some confusion between the printer models. The A5 is the old model. The A5S is the newer one - it looks mostly same, but has major differences. The A5S has a single 32bit motherboard, while the A5 had an 8-bit motherboard and separate LCD module. The A5S has SD card on the front, the A5 has USB stick port on the side.

    This is the wiki page for the A5S:

    Please see this page for firmware instructions and downloads.

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  • KmxSoftKmxSoft Posts: 4Member
    Thanks Samuel. I have the A5S so I've been following the wrong instructions.
    I'll try again tomorrow.
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