Extruder Replacement Options?

In continuing to try and figure out why my A5S has started to produce poor quality prints, I got a little more into looking at the extrusion side of things. I found that my printer was definitely not extruding filament, like almost at all today unless assisted by hand at which points it fed fine. I disassembled my extruder and found that the hand shank had a piece that cracked off of it as well as a crack in the plastic leading toward the other side (circled in red in photo). It made that component that held the silver filament bearing really flimsy which I suspect is why the extruder was unable to get enough purchase on the filament to feed properly.  Does that line of thinking check out?

Either way I definitely need a new hand shank. I found these two on Amazon and aliexpress which look remarkably similar but are listed on alie as being for the JG Magic. I also found these aluminum ones on Amazon which, if one of them can work for my A5S I'd prefer so I don't have to deal with this thing snapping again. Anyone know if these parts would work or have a different better recommendation? 

Hand shanks



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