Auto Bed Leveling

I am a newbie and don't know much about installing a Bl Touch and what pins will it be attached to. I am finding it difficult to use manual mesh bed levelling. So I was thinking about automatic mesh bed levelling but I am not able to understand it. Some help would be appreciated.


  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,588Administrator
    Hi @icyquaga - I wish someone would make a better guide for how to use mesh bed levelling. Can you tell us where you're getting stuck?

    Auto mesh bed levelling requires some soldering as well as tweaks to the firmware. I would not suggest it as a beginner project. If you can master mesh bed levelling first, maybe then you have a good background to proceed to adding auto bed levelling.

    Unfortunately, I'm just one person, and I don't have the resources available at the moment. Maybe someone else can chime in?
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    What trouble are you having using the manual mesh bed leveling? It’s very easy to do and works very well once setup. If you can be more specific maybe we can give you some tips.
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    I agree with rhaub101 - I installed mesh bed levelling 2 years ago on my V1 A3s using info in the JGAurora facebook group - got it right on the second attempt, and never had to re-do it ever since

    I levelled the bed as best I could manually, installed the community firmware, used pronterface to do the necessary up/down 0.1 z-axis jogging in the 9 bed positions selected in the firmware, saved the mesh with the save command using pronterface, added the load mesh command to the start code box in cura slicer

    The new A5s uses a different process as the firmware is different, but I'm sure it can be done easily enough

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