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Ludicrous speed

itisnot_meitisnot_me Posts: 102🌟 Super Member 🌟
I have been printing at typically 60 mms but would like to try to go faster without sacrificing quality. What settings would I need to change to make sure the print is good quality with lets say printing at 80-100.

Current temp is 210. I also heard I need to mess with jerk  and acceleration settings but I don't know what to change. Also know outer walls need to be slower.


  • ProkktorProkktor Posts: 146🌟 Super Member 🌟
    I am not a pro, but since noone answered yet i tell you my opinion anyways:

    - lowering Jerk might help... I am at 5
    - acceleration can be increased, but that might lead to other problems, i am using 300
    - temp: higher temp is needed but higher temp always makes you loose fine details, maybe if you also improve part cooling?

    - consider a bigger nozzle, 0.6,, or 0.8mm, thats much safer than increasing movement speed
    - lock your bed: replace the bed springs by something solid and use mesh leveling only like samuel did, just watch his A5 review
    - get rid of the bowden, ok thats much to ask but the long bowden prevents your extruder from delivering the filament fast and precise, i am currently working on that you can also just put a little spacer to the spring in the extruder to give it more grip
    - replace the part cooling by something more powerful, so you can cool your hotter filament faster to retain detail

    Be careful:
    All those things put more strain on the components of your printer, check the temperatures of your stepper drivers and mosfets at least, to see if its safe.
  • itisnot_meitisnot_me Posts: 102🌟 Super Member 🌟
    @Prokktor Wait! I am rereading this and did you say that you are printing at 300mms? I was printing some inner walls at 250mms and it was flying (had a straight wall for 3in) and you can tell that the machine was telling me, HEY I am going too FAST!

    Currently I am trying to hone in the settings but even jacking up the
    Layer height .3
    print speed to 100,
    inner wall to 200,
    outer 70,
    travel 170,
    infill 250,
    Retraction 10, (reduces stringing to almost nothing on slower prints)
    retraction speed 60
    this was currently too fast for it. The outer wall was crap and had blobs and zits. So i am going to reduce the outer wall to 45.
    If was brittle so i increased the temp to 215 from 210 to see that made it stronger

    My next print I am going to use printing
    Layer height .3
    print speed to 100,
    inner wall to 150,
    outer 45, 
    travel 170,
    infill 150,
    Retraction 6.5, (getting some under extrude on fill surface)
    retraction speed 100

    I know that i am not going to get quality with this but it reduces the print time in half. I could use it for helmets and stuff. But i got to get it cleaner so the prep is easier. Also want to append these to smaller layer heights
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