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Hey! I'm getting pretty bad results while printing like warping, gaps in the first layer and so on. Here are my settings. Help would be appreciated.


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    Hi @JetBoyTR
    That exported profile does not contain all the settings, but only the settings that you have changed from default. You may wish to share screenshots of your settings instead.

    Firstly, perhaps you can please post some photos of your prints? 

    First step to improve print quality is to reduce speed by 50%, and then examine quality. If there are still problems with slow printing, then they will be the first ones to try to solve.

    For warping, are you having bed adhesion problems

    Regarding intermittent extrusion problems:
    • Check that there is not too much friction for the filament - try add a drop of canola oil into the bowden tube. 
    • Shorten the bowden tube: On the A5, the bowden tube from factory is much too long. You can cut at least 20cm off and it will still be fine, and a shorter length will reduce the friction too. 
    • Raise the print temperature by 10C and see if that improves things.
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,588Administrator
    You may also want to have a look at some of the print quality troubleshooting links here:
  • JetBoyTRJetBoyTR Posts: 30Member
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    My settings and the thing I'm trying to print. It's warping on the tips how can I prevent that?
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    Maybe raise the nozzle temp to 215 for the first layer at least. 195C is pretty cold. For bed temp try 55C.
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  • JetBoyTRJetBoyTR Posts: 30Member
    I did try it but it's still warping. And you mentioned shortening the tube how do I do that?
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    Which filament are you talking about? PLA?  
  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,588Administrator
    What temperature is it in the location where you are printing? Is there any breeze or convection?

    To shorten the filament:
    • Unload the filament
    • Disconnect the filament from a bowden connector: hold down the black ring on the connector to release the gripping teeth.
    • Move the x and z axis around to work out what the maximum length of tubing is required so that it reaches the print head without kinking or snagging. The bowden tube should be able to make a smooth arc.
    • Add 5 cm to that minimum length.
    • Cut the tubing to length
    • Check the cut, and make sure that the tube is still circular, and not oval. 
    • Re-insert the bowden tube into the bowden connector
    I hope that makes sense.
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    I just think its because of  a bad filament, maybe they labled it wrong or its just bad.
    Maybe its because overcooling to, there are many variables.
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