Filament detection issues

My prints keep stopping. Printer beeps and LCD says the filament ran out but there is still plenty left. I extrude a bit and resume printing for it to do it again 5 minutes later. I tried looking for the wiring pin issue that is posted about the A5 but I can’t find that in the A5s. What should I check now?


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    Can you remove/unmount the filament sensor form the filament path, and then put something in it to force it to be shut (e.g. small length of filament)? I'm not sure what else to try - I think you'll need to contact JGAurora to let them know you're having problems with that feature.
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    @Samuel Pinches I have not taken it apart yet. I’m apprehensive about doing that since I’m still really new to the 3-D printing world. I did try to get the nozzle off once but it wouldn’t budge. I’m afraid I’m going to break something then have no idea how to fix it. I’ve tried a bunch of different setting changes (nozzle temp, print speed, bed level...) to the point of not knowing what the original settings were, but I still have the same problems. I was wondering if it might have something to do with retraction (distance, speed...) do you think that could be a possibility? 
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    I am confident you will be able to disassemble the filament sensor without damaging anything. I would not say that about the hot end, which is much more fragile. I see where you're coming from, but i don't think the settings are at fault here.
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    I am having the same problem.  Printer worked great for months, then the filament errors begun.  A 1 day print took 3 days.  Contracted tech support and they first had me open her up and check all connections, which were fine and dandy.  I emailed them back and they said to stick a piece of paper of the sensor.  I replied that the sensor is probably bad, so they are sending me a new one. (On a slow boat from China)
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    Just a few days ago, after 4 months of good service, my A5S is also having filament detection problems.  After a few minutes of printing, the machine will beep, stop working, and the message, "filament detected, please fed enough filament, then back"  (I'm assuming that it really should say 'No filament detected', and 'feed enough filament')  even when it is obvious that the filament is still extruding.  After changing the filament out and then back in, the print will start again, but then stops after a few minutes with the same message.  Thinking it was an issue with the new filament I was using, I swapped it for another one that had worked well for me recently, but still the same problem.  Any updates on the  suggested solutions to this problem and how to fix it?  Did replacing the filament sensor, or just removing it, solve the problem?  Thanks for any help with this!               
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    The day after my post about the filament detector malfunctioning, I decided to take matters in hand and see what I could do.  I found that the detector is simply attached with two screws on the bottom of the first step motor where the filament feeds in.  I detached the detector and moved it out of the filament path altogether, but did not want to mess with the wiring (for now anyway).  I stuffed a short piece of filament wrapped in tape into the detector to ensure that the contact is definitely closed, and fed the filament directly into the extruder step motor.  Now I am getting trouble free prints again without having to baby-sit the machine.  This work-around is okay for now, but I still want to replace the filament detector.       
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