Octoprint + A5S

Hi. I have problems installing Octoprint on a JGAurora A5S. Every time I start a print, the RPI sends too many commands without waiting for the "ok"s. So it enters in "checksum error" and the printer sends "re-send command". Anyone installed Octoprint in a JG A5s successfully?


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    Have you tried the latest firmware? 
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    I would recommend using the latest community built firmware if you are using OctoPrint. JGAurora’s firmware doesn’t work well with octoprint. 
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    It is working only on Marlin firmware.


    It is worth using octoprint you can access printer remotely, I am using astroprint application for that.
    you can use cura addin to send file directly to printer.
    few drawbacks Filament run out detection & Power outage detection not working on Marlin firmware.
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