How-To: Resume stopped print (with Repetier Server)

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here I want to share my expierence how to resume a stopped print.
Stopped print means here, the arduino board hang up, but got logs from the print.

What do you need:
Repetier-Server (or another Programm which has the logs from the print)
Notepad plus plus

1. Download the log from the broken print under printer/logs and open it in Notepad++
2. Scroll down to the last line.
3. Find the last line without the following "ok", it should be one of the last lines and copy the text from G1 command to the end
4. Copy the gcode file of the print and give it another name and open it with Notepad++
5. Use find and paste the text from no. 3 and write the number of the line down
6. Search from there up "G1 Z" and copy the whole line to the clipboard
7. Remove all lines from the line you wrote down under 5. to the beginning of the file, were the initialtion commands are.
It should be like "G1 XNNNNN YNNNNN ENNNN"
8. Paste the "G1 ZNNN" (from 6) between the initialisation block and the rest of the gcode file
9. Save the file and upload it again.
10. Check if the location where the print stopped is fine, if not, make it clean
11. Print and enjoy your resumed print

I hope you can understand it, if not tell me and I will try to rework.
I resumed a larger print just before I wrote this.

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