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I just got my A5S a few days ago and have been having trouble with the print bed. Each time I adjust its either too high or too low. I fallowed multiple tutorials and I believe my problem is a warped bed. Is there any way to get a replacement / upgraded build plate?



  • Samuel PinchesSamuel Pinches Posts: 2,389Administrator
    Nothing we can do here sorry, you'll have to contact JGAurora.

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    i had the same issue with the print bed but depending on how bad it is the comunity firmware has mesh leveling that will probably sort it for you. takes a bit longer but it levels the bed at 25 different points throught the process. jgaurora told me mine wasnt warped enough for them to justify a replacement. if it is warping in the center, something that helped me alot was to lay painters tape under the glass 1 layer thick around the perimiter. there are a few youtube videos on doing it. 
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    I've had my A5S for a few weeks now.  The first small prints were fine an then it stopped printing and the nozzle clogged.  I thought the bed needed to be leveled but I found that when the corners seemed ok, the nozzle was too close to the bed in the center.  I searched online and found mesh leveling.  I want to try it but I'm nervous about modifying the firmware.  I watched the video posted by Samuel Pinches.  I wanted to be sure I had a copy of the original firmware in case there were problems.  I'm using Cura 15.0.46.  The only option was 'Install custom firmware' - installing the default firmware was grayed out.  
    1) If I install custom firmware for mesh leveling, where can I get the original firmware if I have problems.
    2) What is the correct version of the custom firmware that I should install.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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    Welcome @Brushie - for the A5S you don't use Cura to install the firmware. Please see my new A5S & A1 JGAurora firmware page for instructions and the latest versions. Links to the factory firmware are at the bottom of the installation instructions on that page. If you do install the new firmware, I would also be recommending you update to Cura 4.1 at the same time.

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    Thanks for all of your help.  I loaded the new firmware and updated Cura (4.2.1 was the latest).  I tried mesh leveling and it seemed successful but I must not have done it correctly because the z 0 seems to be too low.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Thanks again.
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    Make sure you have saved the configuration on the printer, and make sure you have M420 S1 in your start gcode - c heck the machine settings in cura. Good luck! :)
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    Success!!!  Thanks again.
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